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Should I Get Married?
Revised Edition/October 2000
  M. Blaine Smith ~ InterVarsity Press


Part One: Setting Your Sights
  1  The Search for Perspective
2  Does God Want Me to Be Married of Single?

Part Two: God's Guidance and the Marriage Decision
  3  Does God Have One Ideal Choice for Me?
4  How Can I Know God's Will?
5  Can I Be Certain?

Part Three: Choosing a Spouse
  6  Do You Feel Deep Compassion for the Other Person?
7  Are You Good Friends?
8  Are you Both Ready for Marriage?
9  Are You Physically Compatible?
10  Are You Intellectually Compatible?
11  Are You Spiritually Compatible?
12  Are You Emotionally Compatible?
13  Are Your Expectations Compatible?
14  Finally Deciding

Part Four: Should I Remarry--Or Marry Some Divorced?
  15  Remarriage: A Gift of God with Special Challenges 
16  Paul's Balanced Counsel on Remarriage
17  Meeting the Challenges, Beating the Stigmas

Part Five: Confronting the Fear of Commitment
  18  Understanding the Fear of Commitment
19  When the Problem Is Your Partner's
20  When the Problem Is Your Own

Appendix 1: To Date or Not to Date

Appendix 2: Vows for the Imperfect Marriage

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