Reach Beyond
Your Grasp

Embracing Dreams That
    Reflect God's Best for You --
And Achieving Them
A new book by M. Blaine Smith
April 2012

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SilverCrest Books
   2012 ~ 194 pages ~ $11.99 ~ ISBN 978-0984032259
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***What are your strongest desires for the future?***

A new job or career? Marriage? A lifestyle change? Mastering a skill? A creative accomplishment? An athletic triumph? Your dreams are often far more within your reach than you realize. God has ordained each of our lives to certain accomplishment, Blaine Smith stresses. He has given us the capacity to dream big -- and those dreams that stand the test of time are often a vital indication of what he wants us to do with our lives. We must not be too inclined to ďplay it safe,Ē but need to stay open to new steps of faith.  

In Reach Beyond Your Grasp Blaine Smith provides a strong mix of encouragement and practical help for taking these steps and putting your dreams in motion. He examines the positive role of desire in the Christian life, which so often is neglected in Christian teaching. He looks carefully at problems we face in finding permission to embrace our heartís desires. And he encourages us to continue to think big and pursue fresh dreams for as long as God gives us the ability.

This bookís topics include Ė

         Godís will and my personal dreams
         The importance of dreaming big
         Deciding which dreams are most important to pursue
         Setting goals effectively to achieve your dreams
         The relation of faith and hope to what you achieve
         Praying effectively about yourself dreams
         Drawing on othersí help successfully
         Dealing with setbacks and discouragement
         Handling fears of success
         Embracing new dreams and re-inventing yourself
         Succeeding joyfully

Reach Beyond Your Grasp will give you the heart to reach that new horizon, and the know-how to do it. Itís time to expand your sights and embrace Godís bigger picture for your life!

M. Blaine Smith, a Presbyterian pastor, is author of ten books, including Knowing Godís Will, The Yes Anxiety, and Should I Get Married. He is director of Nehemiah Ministries in the Washington , D.C. area.

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