Knowing God's Will
Finding Guidance
for Personal Decisions
     Foreword by  
Richard C. Halverson

Expanded Edition
With Study Questions!
 Over 125,000 copies sold worldwide!
 InterVarsity Press

   1991 ~ 248 pages ~ Paper ~ $12.00 ~ ISBN 0-8308-13-8-X 
 Table of Contents | Sample Chapter | Foreword by Richard C. Halverson
Choosing between two or three good alternatives is  rarely easy. Indeed, some Christians have suggested that God does not have a specific plan for these details of life.

In this expanded version of his best-selling first edition of Knowing God's Will, Blaine Smith affirms that God does provide guidance in every situation--even though we don't always recognize it. He shows how not only the Bible, but also prayer, reason, abilities, circumstances, desire and the counsel of others can help us make tough decisions with the confidence that we're following God's best. Packing each chapter with stories and illustrations, he offers a comprehensive handbook for discerning the will of God.

Blaine addresses the hard questions about guidance, including:

         Is God's will likely to be the thing I want least to do?
         Am I expected to think through God's will, or will
                  he impress it on me in a supernatural way?
         Should I "put out a fleece?"
         How can I find personal guidance in the Bible?
         Must my motives be perfectly pure?
         What do I do when others tell me what
                  God wants me to do?
         When do open and closed doors indicate God's
                  will, and when don't they?

Meaty questions for individual or group study are provided at the end of each chapter.

"Here is a presentation on knowing God's will that is carefully thought through, well annotated, comprehensive, exceedingly practical and compellingly readable."

From the foreword by Richard C. Halverson,
Former Chaplain to the United States Senate
"As we move toward the next millennium, nothing will be more important than knowing and doing God's will. I have not only used Blaine Smith's work in this key area myself but recommended it to hundreds of others."
David J. Gyertson, Ph.D.
President, Taylor University
Editors' Choice -- Discipleship Journal
January, 1992 
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