Photos, Smith Family et al, Posted Spring 2015

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Our Son Nate's wedding

Here are some photos from Nate's wedding, May 19, 2014, when he married
Melissa Danielle Thompson in Boston. I had the honor of officiating.

Nate, Melissa and me at the service With ring-bearer Jack (Ben and Lorinda's son -- see below)
Nate and Melissa Melissa and Evie Melissa with friend Tiffany
Melissa and Nate with her parents, Nigel and Annette Ben and Lorinda at the wedding (our other son and his wife)
Melissa and Nate with Evie and me at Maryland
reception a week later
And on their honeymoon, at Disney World

Our son Ben's family

And from the doting grandparents, here are some pics of our son Ben's family, including Lorinda (Ben's wife), son
Jack (5) and daughter Marlena Mae (Marley) (2). They live in upstate Pennsylvania, where Ben teaches band
and music at a middle/high school, and Lorinda is a speech therapist at an elementary school.

(l to r) Ben, Jack, Lorinda, Marley Marley and Jack out for a spin
Lorinda and Jack on a bear hunt in their
back woods
Ben and Marley crooning a tune
Jack at Easter 2014
Jack and Marley, Thanksgiving 2014 Marley same day, after outfit change Jack assembling a Lego truck
Jack and Marley getting along well

Jack with visiting moose at nearby
restaurant; Jack asked if the moose
was real
Evie's retirement party
In June 2014 Evie retired from 25 years of teaching music in Montgomery County, Maryland public schools.
The staff of Fox Chapel Elementary, where she had taught the past 18 years, threw her a surprise retirement
party on June 6, at La Mexicana in Germantown, and the next five pics are from that event.
Evie as happy as she can be
Evie and others dancing
Teachers Meghan Murray and Kristy
Fritchlanski singing a tribute to Evie
Kristy and Meghan present a quilt to Evie, which Meghan's
mom, Mary Eu Murray, made, with a square for each annual
music production for Creating Original Opera that Evie
helped produce at Fox Chapel Elementary School.
And, of course, the cake!

Some more pics . . .

Here I'm speaking at the wedding of dear friends Carol
Decker and Bob Kaminski, April 25, 2014. Rev. Dave
O'Connell, who officiated, is also shown.

With Sons of Thunder friends at Clint Eastwood's Mission
Ranch in Carmel, California, August 9, 2015: (l to r) Tom
Willett, Julie Willett, Becky Briggs, Debbie Halverson
Mac Briggs, Steve Halverson, Paula Halverson, Me, Evie
Same group at Hacienda Restaurant, Santa Lucia
Preserve, Carmel, California, August 7, 2015

Performing with Sons of Thunder friends for service
for homeless on Carmel, California beach, Sunday
Morning, August 9, 2015. (l to r): Tom Willett, me, Steve
Halverson, Debbie Halverson, Becky Briggs, and Evie
Some of the thirty or so who attended


Performing with Newports (local band I perform with) at
Veterans Plaza, Silver Spring, Maryland, Aug. 21, 2011

Performing in the rain with the Newports at same event.
Pictured: Blaine, Mike DeGraba, Cal Linthicum,
Mike Henley, Debbie Halverson, Becky Briggs, Arlene Jay


The rain didn't keep Evie from dancing!

Newports after the performance: Arlene Jaye, Mike Henley,
Mike DeGrabba, Blaine, Becky Briggs, Rob Dyer,
Debbie Halverson, Cal Linthicum

More on the Newports: For much more about the Newports, historically and presently, and many photos, 
see the bands website. The Newports were tributed with an article in the Montgomery County Gazette in July 2012.